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Feast your eyes on the very best bedroom accessory. Handmade with high quality materials and tested to the highest standards. We mean business for your bedroom pleasure. 

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Being a direct manufacturer, we're able to offer our customers the very best wholesale-value in the market. 

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  • Pack up and take anywhere

    Our products are manufactured with design, function and quality in mind. This includes our industry-favourite Ultimate Machine which folds up into a handbag! 

    The worlds most orgasmic and affordable sex machine! High quality, easy to use sex machines for singles, couples, straight, gay, & bisexual users. Our machines are simple, compact, discrete, quiet and powerful!
  • Ready to rock and roll

    Just a matter of seconds and your Ultimate Machine can transform from a discreet handbag to an orgasmic machine that will leave you begging for more. 

    The worlds most orgasmic and affordable sex machine! High quality, easy to use sex machines for singles, couples, straight, gay, & bisexual users. Our machines are simple, compact, discrete, quiet and powerful!

Real people, real reviews

I'm writing this review as a first timer reviewer of anything, let alone an adult product - simply because I couldn't contain my excitement and enthusiasm for this machine! It's a great size and very easy to use. Everything feels super high quality and I feel this has been an amazing purchase so far. I really look forward to getting some of the newer attachments, like the ribbed dildo as I think this would be amazing anally!

The best thing I have done for my relationship since getting a puppy! My partner and I have always been into trying new sex toys on each other but always felt that a machine would take up too much room or be too difficult to use/set up. Well, the toy gods listened and provided us with this amazing machine that solves every problem lol! It's easy to use, it's compact, it's quick to pack up and hide away, including any parts you have like the remote or lube.. It's powerful and amazingly satisfying. I mean it, this baby has given both my lady and I the most intense orgasms that we wouldn't ever want to be without it again! Stop what you're doing and buy this thing now!!

This is the best sex machine I could find online, having 1: spent months looking around and researching and 2: just spent the night with my ultimate machine! It's super easy to use and very practical having the bag system that holds all the parts, the different attachements that I ordered and even my lube too! The only thing this baby doesn't do is take me out to dinner :P

 I've tried some way more expensive sex machines in my time and have had quite little success. Most of them weigh a tone, require complicated set up and have minimal power for "tighter squeezes" like anal use. This machine puts my others to shame. This machine doesn't go quite as fast as some others, but it's got more raw power than any of them. Best of all, 2-3 seconds and it's set up and ready to go! I bought the portable battery pack for even easier playing which i think is a must have.

my hubby and I were looking around for the next new 'thing' to try out in the bedroom. Only problem was we were growing tired of most sex toys and their uses. Right before we gave up on browsing, we saw an ad for this brand of sex machines and they instantly caught our eye because how cool and exciting they looked! We decided to order one right away and awaiting delivery eargerly. Delivery arrived three days later and we set it up right away to try it out. First use was a little bit awkward however the following day, the 2nd run was so exciting and enjoyable that it really surprised just how much fun is possible with a sex toy product!

When it comes to sex machines, I gathered many were fairly cheap and poor quality based on the cheap prices availible. This machine however seemed to be in a price bracket that was attractve, but not suspiciously cheap! Having just taken delivery of my machine I feel confident that the quality is very good and the performance will likley match once I give it a go. (Waiting for the right mood and night to try it out)...

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